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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
November 30, 2012Williamstown, MA113 Ballou Ln$515,000Munzer, J A
Demarco, Marianne L
Storey, Matthew S
Storey, Jessica C
More Info
November 27, 2012Williamstown, MA83 Candlewood Dr$190,000Hays, Christopher L
Leahey-Hays, Patricia A
Dupras, Beatrice L More Info
November 26, 2012Williamstown, MA134 S Hemlock Ln #134$138,000Galusha, Jacqueline Anderson, Scott D
Whitney, Heather
More Info
November 26, 2012Williamstown, MABee Hill Rd$395,000Karlan, Lynn A Cary-Cummings, Christina More Info
November 26, 2012Williamstown, MA130 Woodstock Rd$390,000Armentrout, Bruce W Walvoord T
Walvoord, Barbara E
More Info
November 21, 2012Williamstown, MA147 Old Mill Rd$450,000Rothschild, Deborah M Brookman, William R
Fulford, Dawn B
More Info
November 21, 2012Williamstown, MA18 Harwood St$137,500Lapidus, Marshall A
Gordon, Suzanne
Brazeau Edmond M Est
Ryan, Rebecca A
More Info
November 14, 2012Williamstown, MA935 N Hoosac Rd$215,500Polotal, Anton V
Polotal, Liudmyla V
Walraven, Barry J
Walraven, Judith J
More Info
November 09, 2012Williamstown, MA425 Oblong Rd$1,470,000Howard, Orion M
Howard, Lisa Y
Condaris, Christine More Info
November 08, 2012Williamstown, MA98 Elm St$302,000Marcisz, Christopher W
Shevchenko, Olga
Smith, Gary A
Smith, Jean B
More Info
November 02, 2012Williamstown, MA218 Sand Springs Rd$228,000Aliberti, Thomas J
Aliberti, Cathleen M
Kober, Denise K More Info
November 02, 2012Williamstown, MA94 Belden St$317,000Fowler, James T
Weinstein, Susan R
Armentrout, Bruce W More Info
October 29, 2012Williamstown, MA57 Maple St$235,000Birch, Dante M
Birch, Krista M
Coons, Donna More Info
October 26, 2012Williamstown, MA37 Main St$234,000Briggs, Timothy
Briggs, Alecia J
Northern Berkshire Habit More Info
October 26, 2012Williamstown, MA1211 Main St$6,250Moresi, David R
Moresi, Amy M
Plunkett, Thomas R
Chand-Plunkett, Amber
More Info
October 25, 2012Williamstown, MA44 Willshire Dr$215,400Marjorie Chamberlain T
Chamberlain, Marjorie
Booth, David R
Booth, Hanne B
More Info
October 16, 2012Williamstown, MA152 Blair Rd$30,000Garnish, P J
Garnish, Kelly J
Queen, Douglas M
Queen, Jean M
More Info
October 16, 2012Williamstown, MA120 S Hemlock Ln #120$1,784,000Allen, John T
Allen, Jane B
Wolf T
Levy, Robert E
More Info
October 15, 2012Williamstown, MA205 S Hemlock Ln #205$176,500Heekin, Eva Conroy, John F
Conroy, Patricia A
More Info
October 12, 2012Williamstown, MA127 Lindley Ter$213,500Holden, John C
Holden, Sara L
Janet A Patterson NT
Patterson, Richard S
More Info
October 10, 2012Williamstown, MAWhite Oaks Rd$157,371Beneficial Mass Inc Miller, Albert H
Miller, Cara J
More Info
October 09, 2012Williamstown, MA46 Maple St$67,000Doucette, Richard J
Doucette, Zoe O
Oriley, Susan A More Info
September 24, 2012Williamstown, MA117 Latham St$775,000Williams College Williamstown American Leg
Pratt, Edward A
More Info
September 18, 2012Williamstown, MA751 Main St$230,000ENL LLC Olga R Beaver 2001 RET
Beaver, Olga R
More Info
September 18, 2012Williamstown, MA94 Ide Rd$1,075,000Riley, Kevin P
Riley, Laurie H
Robinson, Hobart K
Robinson, G I
More Info
September 07, 2012Williamstown, MA81 Hoxsey St$602,500Fagan, John H
Fagan, Michelle K
Mathews, Robert L
Watson, Tara E
More Info
September 05, 2012Williamstown, MA281 Gale Rd$392,000Dundas, John
Dewdney, Julia
Catherine V Nagy RET
Nagy, Catherine V
More Info
September 04, 2012Williamstown, MA85 Luce Rd$452,000Filson, Brent F
Filson, Rebecca
Koneru, Madhu B
Koneru, Elizabeth P
More Info
August 31, 2012Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #E2$132,000Wolf, Elizabeth B Soifer, Lydia More Info
August 29, 2012Williamstown, MA255 Hancock Rd$1Bell, Frank S Sutter, Richard D More Info
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