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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
July 15, 2014Williamstown, MA78 Candlewood Dr$500,000Torres, Gerardo
Torres, Sloane
Luttazi, Ramon E
Luttazi, Yvonne
More Info
July 09, 2014Williamstown, MA32 Danforth St$167,000Gordon, John K Queeney, Donna S More Info
June 30, 2014Williamstown, MA1039 N Hoosac Rd$109,000Harrison, Ellen Roos&Alice Barber NT
Barber, Alice M
More Info
June 27, 2014Williamstown, MA767 N Hoosac Rd$264,000Giarolo, Andrew P
Day, Laura E
FNMA More Info
June 24, 2014Williamstown, MA261 Pine Cobble Rd$507,950Williams College Backus, David H
Raymond, Wendy E
More Info
June 20, 2014Williamstown, MA1097 Main St$705,000Mcweeny, Gage C
Mcweeny, Wendy B
Epping, Edward A
Diggs, Peggy
More Info
June 18, 2014Williamstown, MA530 Main St$258,000Greylock FCU Kurpaska, Jeffrey A
Greylock FCU
More Info
June 18, 2014Williamstown, MA196 Southworth St$467,300Williams College Pres Mcweeny, Wendy B
Mcweeny, Gage C
More Info
June 16, 2014Williamstown, MA58 Orchard Ln$153,325Davis, Alexander G
Whitman, Elizabeth
Brooks, Peggy R More Info
June 09, 2014Williamstown, MA44 Mountain View St$135,000Wakoff, Bradley R Drummond-Amyot, Susan More Info
June 02, 2014Williamstown, MA15-19 Belden St$300,000ENL LLC Clark, Carolyn J More Info
May 29, 2014Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #C2$130,000Jennings, Barbara A Angeli, Claore M
Angeli, George F
More Info
May 28, 2014Williamstown, MA24 Thistle Path #24$284,000Cheryl L Small RET
Small, Cheryl L
Michael B&P J Ronan RET
Ronan, Michael B
More Info
May 28, 2014Williamstown, MA22-26 Pleasant Pl$194,500Burnes, Markus H
Burns, Christine W
Schrenck Szill Walter Est
Gramatges, Susan S
More Info
May 23, 2014Williamstown, MA1052 Simonds Rd$120,000Wooley, Nicole N Herrick, Ester
Herrick, Dennis E
More Info
May 14, 2014Williamstown, MA7 Henderson Rd$173,000Micheli, Frances A Little, Patricia A More Info
May 08, 2014Williamstown, MA11 Meadow St$335,000Vincent P Guntlow IRA
Equity T Co
Metamorphosis Land Design More Info
April 25, 2014Williamstown, MA100 Stratton Rd$110,000Chapman, Ronald A Santelli, John C
Landmark CU
More Info
April 09, 2014Williamstown, MA220 South St$1,000,000Lee, James B
Lee, Elizabeth B
Swartz NT
Swartz, J C
More Info
April 04, 2014Williamstown, MASweet Farm Rd #5$50,000Lipinski, Pranam
Pensco Trust Co
Adams Community Bank More Info
April 03, 2014Williamstown, MA260 South St$364,333Sarah Hart Petersen T
Peterson, Sarah H
Nancy W Hart RET
Smith, Susan H
More Info
April 01, 2014Williamstown, MA92 Elm St$176,500Buell, Denise K Serrano, Carlos
Serrano, Roberto A
More Info
March 28, 2014Williamstown, MA25 Longview Ter$262,500Heggeseth, Paul
Heggeseth, Brianna
Broad Meadows LLC More Info
March 26, 2014Williamstown, MA93 Bee Hill Rd$645,000Holland, Kevin M
Holland, Sarah
Santore, Robert B
Santore, Stephanie K
More Info
March 12, 2014Williamstown, MA341 Luce Rd$423,748RSB Properties LLC Masson, Laura L
Mountainone Bank
More Info
March 07, 2014Williamstown, MA66 Willshire Dr$310,000Fredette, Amy M
Fredette, Joshua L
Johnson, Debra L
Hart, Debra L
More Info
February 28, 2014Williamstown, MA51 Henderson Rd$150,000Errichetto, Paul J
Errichetto, Lindsay R
Killam, David D
Killam, Susan E
More Info
February 24, 2014Williamstown, MA26 Arnold St$83,500ENL LLC Gravel, Brian C More Info
February 20, 2014Williamstown, MA780 New Ashford Rd$20,000Kathleen G Macalpine RET
Macalpine, Kathleen G
Fleury, John D
Fleury, Sharon M
More Info
February 19, 2014Williamstown, MA1067 N Hoosac Rd$140,000Wheelock, Thomas M
Springman, Kathrine E
Allen Skelly NT
Blake, Ann A
More Info
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