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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
June 27, 2013Williamstown, MA25 Linden St$403,635Tucker-Smith, David R
Tucker-Smith, Rebecca
Marjorie Chamberlain T
Chamberlain, Marjorie
More Info
June 21, 2013Williamstown, MA841 Hancock Rd$305,000Peter S Kapiloff RET
Kapiloff, Peter S
Muriel Sirken RET
Sirken, Anrienne L
More Info
June 18, 2013Williamstown, MA144 Chestnut St$225,000Puddester, Frederick W
Puddester, Janet S
StHilaire, Gerard More Info
June 18, 2013Williamstown, MA144 Chestnut St$225,000Puddester, Frederick W
Puddester, Janet S
StHilaire, Gerard More Info
June 14, 2013Williamstown, MA674 Main St$471,000Olney, William
Olney, Tara
Harris, David A
Boukhobza, Ciulia
More Info
June 14, 2013Williamstown, MA28 Bingham St$399,000Carter, Martthew
Carter, Alison
Olney, William W
Olney, Tara L
More Info
June 13, 2013Williamstown, MA1033 Simonds Rd$63,800Beliveau, Jean M
Rand, Thomas E
Desanty, Arthur J
Desanty, Linda M
More Info
June 12, 2013Williamstown, MA893 N Hoosac Rd$200,000Lawrence, Stephen Narula, Tarun
Narula, Simmi
More Info
June 07, 2013Williamstown, MA191 Luce Rd$175,000Boland, Adam J Allen, John T
Allen, Jane B
More Info
May 23, 2013Williamstown, MASummer St$55,000Falkowski, Derek J
Sayers, Kayla M
Beverly RT
Beverly, Bruce E
More Info
May 22, 2013Williamstown, MA350 Pine Cobble Rd$477,375Williams College Trapp, James H
Trapp, Judith A
More Info
May 16, 2013Williamstown, MA100 Stratton Rd$50,000Emmons, Robert Santelli, John C More Info
May 15, 2013Williamstown, MA65 Jerome Dr$275,000Chavoya, C O Ross-Davall, Patricia More Info
May 15, 2013Williamstown, MA751 Henderson Rd$125,500Ruble, Thomas B
Ruble, Alice M
Hynes Alice B C Est
Hynes, Aldon M
More Info
May 14, 2013Williamstown, MA31 Porter St$361,700Carr, Timothy S
Carr, Barbara W
Benton, Louis J
Benton, Patricia L
More Info
May 10, 2013Williamstown, MA22 Elm St$32,000Mabjm NT
Badorini, Michael J
Brownell, Nelson I
Brownell, Cynthia A
More Info
April 26, 2013Williamstown, MA36 Haley St$400,000Stanef, Stephen T
Staneff, Laura D
Lafave, Arthur L
Lafave, Jean M
More Info
April 10, 2013Williamstown, MA300 Syndicate Rd$150,000Smith, Gerard J
Besnard, Philippe
H J&Mary Frances Bruton T
Smith, Virginia S
More Info
April 05, 2013Williamstown, MA160 Forest Rd$600,000Nesterak, Stephen N
Ross, Lydia B
Howland, John S
Howland, Jane B
More Info
April 01, 2013Williamstown, MA332 North St$71,000Owens, James E
Ephraim, Laura
Leete, David W
Leete, William M
More Info
March 28, 2013Williamstown, MA414 N Hemlock Ln #414$385,000Jorling, Thomas C
Jorling, Sandra P
Alberti Charles R Est
Alberti, Charles C
More Info
March 27, 2013Williamstown, MA1059 N Hoosac Rd$415,000Easton, James A Tillou, Michael M
Huton, Lara D
More Info
March 20, 2013Williamstown, MA518 North St$20,000Weddell, Frank E Polson, Paul More Info
March 15, 2013Williamstown, MA430 Hopper Rd$509,582Schneer, Jonathan
Hayman, Margaret
Evelyn Jacobson RET
Jacobson, Evelyn
More Info
March 13, 2013Williamstown, MA677 Simonds Rd$728,000NXM LLC Purple Moon LLC More Info
March 12, 2013Williamstown, MA270 Cole Ave$64,000Montepare, James E Williamstown Youth Center More Info
March 11, 2013Williamstown, MA315 Henderson Rd$25,000Summer RT
Lopes, Claudia S
Greylock FCU More Info
March 11, 2013Williamstown, MA392 White Oaks Rd$61,000Adbou, James I Beneficial MA Inc More Info
February 28, 2013Williamstown, MA470 N Hoosac Rd$28,000Trager, Christopher FNMA More Info
February 26, 2013Williamstown, MA115 Ballou Ln$345,000Munemo, Ngonidzashe
Munemo, Julia M
Ruthven, Todd A
Ruthven, Kerri Ann
More Info
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