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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
March 06, 2015Williamstown, MA107 South St$850,000Ole Andreas Halvorsen RET
Halvorsen, Ole A
Pierson South Street NT
Pierson, Sara L
More Info
February 27, 2015Williamstown, MA1258 N Hoosac Rd$171,200Mccarthur, Jennifer E Concetta Miller RET
Miller, Concetta
More Info
February 25, 2015Williamstown, MA26 May St$130,000Goodwin, Anne M Green, Rebecca E More Info
February 25, 2015Williamstown, MA229 Luce Rd$390,000Kapiloff, Lori M Lemieux, Jason R
Lemieux, Rachel A
More Info
February 24, 2015Williamstown, MABridges Rd #2$68,000Mcallister, James
Greene, Carolyn J
Daub, Daniel
Daub, Julie A
More Info
February 06, 2015Williamstown, MA101 South St$860,000Ole Andreas Halvorsen RET
Halvorsen, Ole A
Matthiessen, Dieta V More Info
January 29, 2015Williamstown, MA20 Maple St$100,000Berkshire County Props Hart, Mary B
Hart, Stephen M
More Info
January 21, 2015Williamstown, MA47-49 Arnold St$90,000ENL LLC Christopher, Caoilfhionn More Info
January 15, 2015Williamstown, MA824 Simonds Rd$35,000Lalji Partners LLC T J Warren Inc More Info
January 15, 2015Williamstown, MA17 Elm St$104,900Marks, Christina M Unwin, Lynn M
Burdick, Robert A
More Info
January 12, 2015Williamstown, MA93 Candlewood Dr$233,000Harrison, Peter F Rohald, Gil
Rohald, Amy G
More Info
January 05, 2015Williamstown, MA761 Henderson Rd$398,000Aftosmis, Stephen F
Aftosmis, Amber B
Grees, Edward S
Grees, Ann E
More Info
December 11, 2014Williamstown, MA28 Thistle Path #28$253,500Kurzban, Steven P
Kurzban, Sandra P
Lindstrand, Paul J More Info
December 10, 2014Williamstown, MA19 Windflower Way #19$230,000Connolly, Thomas J
Connolly, Linda
William E Grennon NT
Grennon, Elizabeth A
More Info
December 10, 2014Williamstown, MA284 Sand Springs Rd$425,000Vyas, Minalben K
Vyas, Sonalben K
Govardhan Krupa Inc More Info
December 09, 2014Williamstown, MA243-245 Cole Ave$270,000Lovell, Christopher P
Wilcox, Amanda R
Buhner, Robert W
Buhner, Judith J
More Info
December 01, 2014Williamstown, MA63 Willshire Dr$262,000Rydell, Douglas
Rydell, Carol
Wright, William F
Wright, Sharon E
More Info
November 25, 2014Williamstown, MA10 Summer St$302,000Castro, Ingrid E Rydell, Douglas
Rydell, Carol
More Info
November 20, 2014Williamstown, MA137 Berkshire Dr$225,000Elder, Thomas G Steele, Stuart J
Steele, Suzanne E
More Info
November 07, 2014Williamstown, MA1793 Cold Spring Rd$240,000Sweet, David A Doyle, Anthony P
Sweet, David A
More Info
October 31, 2014Williamstown, MA530 Main St$175,0001772 House LLC Greylock FCU More Info
October 30, 2014Williamstown, MA23 Benlise Dr$111,000Beaudreau, Heather
Mcgowan, Scott E
Axt, Amy
Gennette, Kenneth
More Info
October 30, 2014Williamstown, MA154 Meacham St #B$139,900Epstein, Daniel
Epstein, Betsey
Bogonovich, David
Bogonovich, Sheila A
More Info
October 17, 2014Williamstown, MA147 Main St$200,000Brooks, Deborah A Freeman, Lenore G More Info
October 03, 2014Williamstown, MA460 Main St$325,000Olympic Pizza Family Rest Charles M&T Nikitas T
Shaw, Theresa N
More Info
October 03, 2014Williamstown, MA13 Cold Spring Rd$449,000Aalberts, Daniel P
Dankmeyer, Erica A
Carothers, James A
Carothers, Joanna K
More Info
October 01, 2014Williamstown, MA103 Lindley Ter$207,828Williams, Michael A
Williams, Bernadine H
Mcnagny NT
Mcnagny, Kirk P
More Info
September 25, 2014Williamstown, MA1062 N Hoosac Rd$84,000Larocca, Roger FNMA More Info
September 23, 2014Williamstown, MA203 White Oaks Rd$16,000Anderson, Bonnie R Anderson, Kenneth L More Info
September 22, 2014Williamstown, MA94 Southworth St$365,000Ellingwood, Kevin J
Ellingwood, Beth L
Tauber, Gwen M
Tauber, Kurt P
More Info
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