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@theMarket: Resistance
By Bill Schmick,
04:17AM / Saturday, December 31, 2011
The dividing line that often separates bull from bear is the 200 day Moving Average (200 DMA). It is a technical term that tracks the moving average price of stocks over 200 days. All week equities have traded a little above or below that average, leaving investors uncertain of what awaits them in 2012.

"I always sell my equity positions whenever the S&P 500 Index trades below the 200 Day," says a trader friend of mine, "and I don't buy back until it rises above that level again and stays there for more than a week."

It is a rule of thumb that has worked for market timers (those who try to sell the rips and buy the dips) more times than not since 2007, but it


The Independent Investor: Robin Hood Would Be Proud
By Bill Schmick,
08:22PM / Thursday, December 29, 2011
Taxes are not my favorite thing. Like everyone else, I would like to see less, rather than more, taxes in my life. However, there is one tax under consideration in Congress that I fully support

Some call it the "Robin Hood Tax" (part of HR 3313) because it supposedly taxes the rich and distributes the proceeds to the rest of us peons. It is a bit more complicated than that, but you get the idea. Some say the proposal surfaced as a result of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Others credit the late Noble prize-winning economist James Tobin for the idea. The basic thrust is to impose a financial speculation tax of .03 percent or $3 in taxes for each $10,000 in financial


@theMarket: Ho, Ho, Ho
By Bill Schmick,
03:20PM / Friday, December 23, 2011
Christmas is here and the market action this week indicates the traditional end-of-the-year rally appears ready to begin. About the best one can say is at least we can count on Santa if not anyone else.

In a recent radio interview, the host complained that the bad news just keeps on coming. If it isn't Europe, it's the embarrassment of our own political leaders in Washington. If that wasn't enough, we have tensions in Iran, North Korea and Syria. Yes, I agreed, all of the above is true and yet the stock markets are essentially unchanged from where they were a year ago.

Reading and listening to the chatter that at this time of year is largely focused on what's next for investors, I


The Independent Investor: Give Local
By Bill Schmick,
04:09PM / Thursday, December 22, 2011
The bells of the Salvation Army are ringing on Main Street. Yep, it's that time of the year again when visions of "Tiny Tim" tug at our heart and purse strings. This season try something new; donate your charitable contributions to local organizations.

American charities took in over $300 billion last year and hope to make this year even better. After all, we Americans are a giving people. Nearly two-thirds of us give something to charity every year with many of those donations occurring between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

Why we give is still somewhat of a mystery. The economy is nothing to write home about, unemployment is high and most of us are pinching pennies. Yet, we

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@theMarket: Is Santa Claus Coming to Town?
By Bill Schmick,
03:19AM / Saturday, December 17, 2011
Most years, at about this time, investors begin to anticipate a so-called "Christmas Rally." So far investors have received nothing but coal in their stockings. I counsel patience. Most investors appear to be jumping the gun.

There are many explanations for why markets sometimes move higher between Christmas and the New Year and into January. One reason is the "January Effect." Historically (since 1925) markets have risen in the first month of the year with small caps leading the way. Investors like to get in the market before that move begins, usually during the last week of the year.

Since 1896, the Dow's average monthly return in up years has been roughly 0.5

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